SAICTA Membership Benefits

SAICTA’s close-knit IT community allow individuals and businesses to network, collaborate and share ideas and opinions about the industry and its future. This proximity in turn also opens up opportunities for potential partnerships, job opportunities and professional relationships.

As a South African organisation, SAICTA fully understands the challenges and opportunities relevant to the country’s IT industry, as well as the SADC region and the rest of the African continent, thanks to its membership in TICON Africa. SAICTA has the knowledge to offer targeted support, resources and information that productively supports and understands the local technology ecosystem, regulatory environment and market trends.

Through comprehensive workshops, seminars, webinars, training sessions and other events that focus on IT skills and education in the local market, SAICTA can assist members in staying updated with the latest technologies and trends that are in demand in the local and national community.

SAICTA members speak with a collective voice in their passionate advocacy for policies and initiatives that will genuinely benefit the country’s IT sector and all its stakeholders.

SAICTA also acts as a forum for promoting employment opportunities, projects and collaborations exclusively to its members.

SAICTA and its members understand and are able to fully address the experiences and challenges of like-minded individuals at all levels of the industry and their communities.

SAICTA members play an important role in contributing to the economic growth and development of an innovative IT industry in South Africa and across the African continent.

Become a member

Membership is open to all ICT professionals, businesses and multinational corporations operating in South Africa, including African Chambers of Commerce and related bodies, as approved by the SAICTA President’s Council.

All members are issued with a Certificate of Membership that verifies the classification of their specific membership.

All members receive the regular SAICTA newsletter and magazine, packed with important news, views and industry 
and SAICTA updates.

All members get exclusive access to attend and
participate in SAICTA events, activities and services.

SAICTA Membership Tiers

Statutory Members
The members of the company.
Primary Members
The primary national ICT organisation in South Africa as identified by the President’s Council.
Associate Members
Secondary ICT organisations other than the primary ICT organization as identified by the President’s Council.
Affiliate Members
Industry bodies such as a Chamber of Commerce that represents industry broadly are specifically other than the ICT industry.
Corporate Members
Corporations with operations in South Africa.
Honorary Members
Individuals whom, at the discretion of the President’s Council, have made a significant contribution to the ICT profession in South Africa.
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