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Different memberships

Statutory Members
The members of the company.
Primary Members
The primary national ICT organisation in South Africa as identified by the President’s Council.
Associate Members
Secondary ICT organisations other than the primary ICT organization as identified by the President’s Council.
Affiliate Members
Industry bodies such as a Chamber of Commerce that represents industry broadly ore specifically other than the ICT industry.
Corporate Members
Corporations with operations in South Africa.
Honorary Members
Individuals whom, at the discretion of the President’s Council, have made a significant contribution to the ICT profession in South Africa.
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Each member will be issued with a Certificate of Membership which will certify the classification of membership.

Each member will be entitled to receive the SAICTA newsletter/magazine.

Each member will be entitled to participate in all activities and/or services provided by SAICTA.

Become a member

Membership shall be open to all ICT professionals and bodies, multinational corporations operating in South Africa, South African Chambers of Commerce and related bodies as approved by the SAICTA President’s Council.

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