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The South African ICT Association (SAICTA), a not for profit company, was established in 2022 to promote and maintain high standards of professional skills, ability, ethics and integrity amongst South African ICT professionals and organizations and companies. 


Membership shall be open to all ICT professionals and bodies, multinational corporations operating in South Africa, South African Chambers of Commerce and related bodies as approved by the SAICTA President’s Council.

Key Objectives

The Association will bring together like-minded individuals to share thoughts and experiences within the rapidly changing ICT environment, and will offer a wide range of value-added products and services for ICT professionals who are members in either an individual or corporate capacity.

To deliver added value to members.
To provide networking opportunities.
To provide a central place for dissemination of new-thinking, research and theory – ‘knowledge swap’.
To provide training, certification and skills development for South African professionals.
To provide ICT career development and recruitment opportunities across South Africa.
To become a central South African hub for networking and discussion groups.
To develop The South African ICT Association professional qualification as well as recognition of ICT excellence.
To establish and publish a newsletter/magazine combining editorials from members.
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