Saicta Digital Dawn

30 July 2024

7:00 -10:00
Nedbank Auditorium, Sandton

ICT Collaboration on the Critical Topic of Cybersecurity 

This event will be hosted by Nedbank, in collaboration with the Flanders Investment and Trade Agency. It will feature the input of four panel speakers, including an international contributor, discussing the topic: 

“Securing Tomorrow: Navigating the Intersection of Digital Infrastructure, AI Power, and Systems Security in Cybersecurity” 

Gain Relevant Insights into Pressing Cybersecurity Problems & Solutions
Learn from our panel consisting of local and international industry experts/organisations:

Chief Information Officer,
Nedbank Group

Head of Security Services,
NTT Data

Founder & Director,
Cybersecurity Institute

Information Security Consultant,
CURIOS – Cybersecurity in Europe

Join us for an engaging and informative morning of discussion and networking at Digital Dawn July 2024. The event’s theme focuses on building and securing digital systems—the backbone of today’s economy and society—and emerging technologies like AI.

Cybersecurity and AI: Essential Considerations for Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity is vital to the integrity of digital infrastructure, systems, and data. Exploring ways to strengthen cybersecurity and identify potential threats is crucial for smooth digital transformation. AI, with its dual role in enhancing both cyberattacks and defences, will be a key focus, making this event essential for addressing AI’s opportunities and challenges in cybersecurity.

Advance Local ICT Development

Advance local ICT development by fostering collaboration on building and securing digital systems. Join major players in the ICT and business fields to discuss this critical topic and drive progress in the industry.

Attend Digital Dawn July 2024!

Nedbank Auditorium, Sandton

Our Partners


Nedbank brings a wealth of experience in the practicalapplication of cybersecurity within the critical bankingsector. This will assist in our understanding of the digitaltechnologies designed to protect an industry prone tofraud and cyberthreats. Nedbank’s insights oncybersecurity are invaluable in understanding how tosafeguard financial institutions against these risks.

The Flanders Investment and Trade Agency

FIT is the Trade and Investment promotion agency of Flanders, the Northern region of Belgium. Belgium is home to SWIFT and Euroclear, companies of highest importance in the financial sector, and has a national Center for Cyber Security (CCB). Flanders has expertise in the cybersecurity field backed university research in encryption technology. It also enjoys a full network of cybersecurity companies, including L-sec, the Cyber Security Catalyst.