SAICTA endeavours to support local ICT industry advancement and its contribution to regional development. In today’s business landscape, the spheres of ICT and business are intricately interwoven. Successful business operations require the ICT components of hardware infrastructure and software, which are fundamental in generating critical business information.

Additionally, ICT systems play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of various business sectors, making them the crux of any modern operation.
The unity of ICT and business collaboration is thus of utmost importance, as it plays a vital role in creating a more prosperous socioeconomic environment for all people in the region.


ICT collaboration has the transformative potential to bring about positive change in the South African landscape, ensuring that every citizen can lead a prosperous life. The various businesses within the sector, whether those that role our communications infrastructure, or those that plan, and implement business enterprise systems can be brought together in collaboration for a broader public upliftment endeavor.

By becoming part of our collaborative network, you are not only advancing your professional growth and industry expertise but also actively contributing to the broader pursuit of the region’s social and economic upliftment. 

Digital Dawn is the premier event through which SAICTA provides the facility for collaboration.


SAICTA acknowledges the diversity of the ICT community, welcoming a wide range of individuals. We cater to ICT professionals, businesses, and ICT students. Our inclusive membership thus not only welcomes experts but also aspiring professionals in the field. We find a space for everyone to engage and thrive within our collaborative framework.

Within our diverse network, SAICTA unites the array of ICT professions. We foster connections and collaboration among a variety of industry professions, such as: 

Software Developer
Web Developer
Mobile App Developer
UX/UI Developer
Network Administrator
Network Engineer
Cybersecurity Analyst
Database Administrator
Systems Analyst

Data Scientist
IT Project Manager
Cloud Architect
DevOps Engineer
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
IT Support Specialist
Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
Business Analyst
IT Consultant
Digital Marketing Specialist


In its endeavour to advance regional development, SAICTA is a founder member of TICON Africa – the Technology Information Confederation of Africa. TICON is an official union of various African IT industry associations dedicated to connecting the continent’s ICT professionals and businesses and gaining insights into regional, continental, and global developments in information technology. 

Visit the TICON Africa website to find out more